Student Accounts

Phillips Exeter Academy, in partnership with TouchNet, has a convenient online bill payment system which provides parents: 

  • 24/7 access to view bills and make payments through a convenient and secure system
  • Ability to add authorized users to view and make payments on the student’s account
  • Payment by electronic check through a U.S. bank account free of charge
  • Payment by major credit card using the PayPath service (note: Visa is not accepted.)
  • E-mail reminders of new statements for viewing sent to parent and authorized users
  • Ability to view payment history and current charges on the student’s account
  • Ability to print statement(s)

Regular Session parents can access our online bill payment system through the parent portal at  Once logged in, a parent would click on the "Online Bill Pay" link and then the link "View Bill and Make Payments" to connect into TouchNet.  

Regular Session and Summer School parents can access our online bill payment system at by entering their login credentials (student's ID and PIN) in the Students and Staff section in TouchNet.

  • Returning student parents are presented with login credentials during the online Enrollment Contract process.  (Click "continue" in Step 5 to access credentials).

If you have been set up as an "authorized user" on our online bill pay system by a family member, please log in at and enter your email address and TouchNet password in the Authorized Users section. 


March 11: Parents receive re-enrollment email notification
April 10:   Enrollment Contract and Deposit due
May 1:  On-line enrollment for tuition payment plans opens
May 15:  First installment due - Ten Month Payment Plan
July 1:   First installment due - Two Payment Plan
July 1:  Full payment of tuition and fees due OR must enroll in online payment plan
November 1:    Second installment due - Two Payment Plan

Description of Accounts

Regular Session Account

Tuition, financial aid, and mandatory and optional fees are billed on the student’s Regular Session account.  

Summer Session Account

Tuition, financial aid, music lessons and course fees for students attending Summer School.

Lion Card Account

Once funds have been added to a student's Lion Card account, the student will be able to make on campus purchases at the Grill, Bookstore, Gymstore and Student Activities Office.  With the Lion Card, there is not a need for students to carry cash for on campus purchases.  

Other Campus Charges Account

Music and dance lessons, art fees, and other miscellaneous academic charges are billed on the student's Other Campus Charges account.

Contacts and Resources for Information

Student Accounts:  Billing, 603-777-3487
Accounting Operations Analyst:  Tracy Dustin, 603-777-3240