Meet Lisa MacFarlane, Exeter’s Principal

When Jack Herney describes something as “the best Harkness discussion I’ve ever been in,” that’s saying a lot.

The emeritus history instructor, who has taught at Exeter for more than 40 years and whose long string of honorary class years and 2010 Founder’s Day Award reflect a significant impact on the Academy, doesn’t mince words when referencing the conversation that he and other members of PEA’s Principal Search Committee had in January with then-finalist Lisa MacFarlane, who becomes Exeter’s 15th principal on Sept. 1.

“Twenty minutes into it I’m thinking, ‘This is fabulous; this is a great discussion,’” Herney says.

“Everybody in the room forgot that we were talking with potentially the new principal. We were talking about the future of was thrilling.”

Read the full story on MacFarlane, as published in The Exeter Bulletin.