Welcome from the Principal

I invite you to explore Exeter through this website. Browse through the vibrant offerings of Exeter – from the many cultural events hosted on campus, to the hundreds of courses we offer, and on to the involved and experienced faculty. See what the lives of students are like. Read what the faculty have to say about all aspects of life at Exeter.

Whether it's English or mathematics, at Exeter we call all our classes Harkness classes and our teachers Harkness teachers. Harkness identifies a table you will find at the center of every class both literally and figuratively. Harkness tables are oval and seat a dozen students and a teacher, but they are much more than a place to sit. At the Harkness table classmates learn by discussing their thoughts and ideas rather than just by taking notes. Teachers are participants in the discussion, guiding students in significant ways without lecturing.    

On this website, we've tried to make it easy for you to find what you need. For new or prospective students, look at the Admissions, Academics, and Student Life sections of the site. For parents, check the information under the Parent "gateway" located at the top of the page – this gateway provides you with a short list of items of interest to you. We'll keep this page updated with items we know concern parents. For current students, look everywhere – this website is about you and your Exeter experience.

I invite you to let us know what you think of the website. In true Harkness learning fashion, we're always listening, always looking for the questions that get us to the really important answers.

You can contact me directly via email or phone: 603-777-3401.

— Principal Thomas E. Hassan 


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Exeter originated the system of instruction known as Harkness teaching in 1931. In the spirit of its charter to foster both goodness and knowledge, Exeter offers a free education to any admitted student whose family income is $75,000 or less. The school meets all demonstrated financial aid needs of its admitted students. For more information read the Facts booklet.