Exeter and the Region

Located in New Hampshire’s picturesque Seacoast Region,  the town of Exeter is about one hour north of Boston and 45 minutes east of Manchester, NH.  More about getting here...

One of the first four towns established in the state, Exeter is home to about 14,000 people. It supports small shops—bookstores, bike shops, bake shops—more than a dozen restaurants, The American Independence Museum, and of course the Academy. It’s also a regular stop on the presidential campaign trail—nearly every major presidential candidate since the 1980s has spoken at Exeter—and it’s the setting of one of the nation’s most famous UFO sightings.

To learn more about Exeter and its history, check out the Exeter Historical Society's website...

The Region

The region includes New Hampshire’s 18.7 miles of coastline, as well as rolling hills, quaint towns, and Portsmouth’s lively and historic shopping district. (Exeter is about 10 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and 20 miles from Portsmouth.)