The communications office serves a number of constituencies: faculty, staff, the Academy's alumni, students, parents and the media.

On its own and in conjunction with other offices, the communications office publishes several periodicals, including The Exeter Bulletin, which is issued quarterly; the New Faculty Newsletter; the Admissions Viewbook; Courses of Instruction; and The Photo Address Book, to name a few.

The communications office manages all publicity concerning the Academy's relationships with external media: web projects, newspapers, television, radio, magazines and book projects. All news related to the Academy, its students, faculty, staff, events or alumni, as that news relates to that person's time at the Academy, should be issued through the communications office.

It also oversees the content of material on the Academy's external website. Departments producing publications intended for external distribution and which require design, copywriting and/or printing are asked to contact this office for assistance.

Departments or individuals interested in publicizing an Academy-related event or accomplishment should also contact the communications office. Cultural events, such as concerts, lectures and readings, are publicized through this office throughout the year. Press releases are sent to local and regional media outlets. The campus events line, (603) 777-4309, is updated weekly during the school year with a recorded message about upcoming events that are open to the public. The public events listings and news on the website are updated as often as needed.

Parents, when their students matriculate, are asked to sign a release that allows the Academy to use their child's images and information in ways that support the educational mission of the school both in internal and external media outlets.

The Academy has established guidelines for its dealings with the media. Please see the media policy below for further information.

Phillips Exeter Academy reserves the right to photograph its students, faculty, and staff in connection with the activities of the Academy and to reproduce such images to promote, publicize, or explain the Academy or its activities. This includes the right, without limitation, to post images to the Academy website, and to publish such images in the student newspaper, alumni/ae magazine, and PR/promotional materials such as marketing and admissions publications, advertisements, fund-raising materials, and any other Academy-related publication.

These images may appear in any of a wide variety of formats and media now available or that may be available in the future, including but not limited to print, website, broadcast, videotape, CD-ROM, and electronic/on-line media. Parents are asked to sign a Media Permissions Form allowing their child to be included in the school's public relations and promotional efforts.

Media Policy
The Academy's media policy has been developed to engender cooperation with the media while ensuring the safety and security of our community. The overall goal of the Academy's media policy is to be responsive to media coverage and projects that directly relate to the educational mission of the Academy.

The Communications Office manages the Academy's relationships with all external media: web projects, newspapers, television, film or video, radio, magazines and book projects. All news related to the Academy, its students, faculty, staff, events or alumni/ae, as that news relates to that person's time at the Academy, should be issued through the Communications Office.

The Academy does not allow its name, images of its people, buildings or premises to be used for commercial media activity, such as advertising.

The Academy does not release information or pictures of its students or its alumni/ae without permission of the subject or, if a minor, the subject's parents. If a faculty member receives a call or email directly from a reporter, he or she should forward the information to the Communications Office. In addition, the Communications Office should be notified of any non-Academy events held at the Academy which are likely to produce news coverage.

Photographers of any kind must make arrangements to schedule appointments on campus through the Communications Office. Photos may not be taken of our students, buildings or premises unless the photographer is accompanied by a member of the communications staff or a designee of the Communications Office.

Robin Giampa, director
Mike Catano, website editor
Susan Goraczkowski, publications assistant
Alice Gray, administrative manager
Karen Ingraham, associate director (publications) 
Mike Nagel, associate director
Nicole Pellaton, website managing editor
Janice Reiter, program coordinator
Nancy Shipley, publications manager/graphic designer
Karen Stewart, development writer
Maxine Weed, assistant to the director
Famebridge Witherspoon, associate director (public relations)

Voice: (603) 777-3450
Fax: (603) 777-4397
Mailing Address: Phillips Exeter Academy   20 Main Street   Exeter, NH 03833-2460