Dean of Faculty

The dean of faculty is responsible for the well-being of the faculty and is the principal's chief adviser in academic and curricular matters. The dean is responsible for seeing that school policies are carried out; chairs the Department Heads, Appointments and Leaves, and Housing Committees; oversees the administration of the Summer School and other summer programs; encourages faculty attendance at professional conferences, the planning of conferences at Exeter, and faculty professional development generally; works closely with the principal in setting faculty salaries; and oversees the curriculum through the director of studies and department heads.

Subject to the principal's approval, the dean of faculty is specifically responsible for: recruiting, interviewing, hiring, evaluating and reappointing new faculty members; and supervising sabbatical leave, personal leave and the summer-grant program. Together with the dean of students, the dean of faculty places instructors in dormitories and with the advice of the Housing Committee assigns non-dormitory housing and administers the faculty mortgage plan. The dean also apportions faculty duties, particularly committee assignments, and attends to the concerns of individual faculty members.

Marilyn L. Chew, office manager

Ruth Goraczkowski, office coordinator

Kate Heidt, staff assistant

Brooks Moriarty, director of studies

Eimer Page, director of Exeter's global initiatives

Ethan Shapiro, dean of faculty