The principal instructor and her staff share with the faculty and administration the responsibility of running the school. Contained within this responsibility are several constituencies to which the principal must relate: trustees, faculty and their families, emeriti, students, staff, alumni and parents.

The principal is the chief executive officer of the school and is answerable to the trustees. In consultation with the trustees, administration and faculty, she sets the priorities for use of the school's resources. The principal officially appoints all members of the faculty and makes final decisions with regard to continuing appointment. The principal meets frequently with students, teaches occasionally, and upon request, advises student organizations and may do dormitory duty. The principal presides at faculty meetings and chairs the Faculty Affairs Committee. She works closely with the dean of faculty, faculty committees and individual faculty members on both ongoing and new initiatives.

The principal heads a staff which includes the dean of faculty, dean of students, director of studies, director of admissions, director of college counseling, director of development and treasurer. This staff administers many of the key offices of Exeter.

As chief spokesperson for the school, both within the community and without, the principal articulates the goals and standards of Exeter and reports to various constituencies regularly on its success in meeting those goals. Given the above, the principal is ultimately responsible for leading the Exeter community in many of the official areas of school life, as well as the more intangible areas of values, spirit, and morale.

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