Dean of Students Office

The Office of the Dean of Students is an important crossroad in a student's education at Exeter. The Deans champion a positive environment that nurtures students in support of Exeter's academic mission. The Dean of Students Office has the responsibility for the well-being of the student body. It is the place where students may ask questions about any aspect of school life, seek advice and receive individual attention. 

The duties shared by the Deans are: student housing, advising, attendance, academic scheduling (also shared with the Director of Studies), out of town permissions, academic support, student activities and entertainment, discipline, orientations, Daily Bulletin, student records, multicultural affairs, and I-20 forms for foreign students.

The Deans are:

Melissa Mischke, Dean of Students
Arthur J. Cosgrove, Dean of Residential Life 
Karen Lassey, Dean of Academic Affairs 
Wm. Gordon Coole, Jr., Associate Dean of Students
Rosanna Salcedo, Dean of Multicultural Affairs   

Melissa D. Mischke, Dean of Students
Mrs. Mischke oversees all aspects of student life on campus. She administers student housing and advising assignments and works closely with faculty advisers to students, the 26 dormitory heads and the day student coordinator.  She supervises student health services, student activities, residential and day advising as well as the Dean of Students office. She is in frequent contact with students, faculty and parents to help make the most of the student’s Exeter experience. Mrs. Mischke has been a member of the Science Department since 1994. Before her appointment as dean of students, she served as the associate dean of students. Mrs. Mischke has worked in several dormitories and was the dorm head of Moulton House. She coached boys’ varsity tennis and serves as a day student adviser. 

Arthur J. Cosgrove, Dean of Residential Life
Mr. Cosgrove is responsible for working with Dean Mischke to implement faculty and student goals in residential life. Mr. Cosgrove helps dorm faculty and proctor teams to resolve areas of student concern. He is a frequent visitor to dormitories to talk with students and faculty. He also oversees student disciplinary matters and works to help students understand the rules of the community and the procedures to follow when rules are broken. Mr. Cosgrove has been a member of the Science Department since 1992. He is the boys’ varsity soccer coach and former dorm head of Ewald Hall.

Karen Lassey, Dean of Academic Affairs
Ms. Lassey is responsible for students’ academic programs and schedules. She works with students, their advisers and parents to help students achieve their academic goals, or when academic issues arise including graduation requirements, departmental placement and scheduling. Ms. Geary began her career at Exeter in 1991. She originally joined the faculty as a physics teacher, but made the move to teach math full time in 2006.  Ms. Geary serves as a day student adviser and lived and worked with boarders as a dorm head in both Amen and Dunbar. She has coached field hockey, outdoor fitness and outdoor challenge and has served as chair of the discipline committee.

Wm. Gordon Coole, Jr.,  Dean of Student Health and Wellness
Mr. Coole is the liaison with Health Services for students. He implements medical leave policies, facilitates communication concerning personal or health issues with students' teachers and oversees the attendance of the student body. Mr. Coole works closely with the medical professionals at the Lamont Health and Wellness Center and serves as the chair of the attendance committee.  Mr. Coole began his Exeter career in the summer of 1983, when he worked as an athletic trainer in the Summer Sports Schools. He continued to come to the Academy each summer through the late 90's. He was hired as the head athletic trainer for the academic year in 1987 coming here from Boston University. He has served as a resident faculty adviser and dorm staff for 11 years spending seven years in Wentworth Hall,  three years in Gould House followed by a final year in Browning.

Rosanna Salcedo, Dean of Multicultural Affairs
Ms. Salcedo works with students from diverse backgrounds in support of Exeter’s mission to unite students from “every quarter” in goodness and knowledge. She oversees the Office of Multicultural Affairs and is assisted by the International Student Coordinator and an intern, Tamar Nisbett. Together with students, faculty and staff, they work together to educate the community on issues of diversity, inclusion, equity and social justice. Ms. Salcedo began her career at Exeter in 2001 in the Modern Languages Department. She has served as the dean of admissions for Summer School, associate dean of faculty, student club adviser and the dormitory head of Wheelwright Hall.