Phillips Exeter Academy Child Care

The Harris Family Children's Center offers care to children of Phillips Exeter Academy families and the surrounding community. Our state of the art facility consists of an infant room, a toddler room, a preschool program, a 3/4 day kindergarten and an after-school program. Our child-centered curriculum educates children through individual and group exploration, hands-on experimentation and discovery through observation.

Our classroom environments are designed to provoke open-ended experiences and encourage communication of ideas. Common areas have been incorporated into the design of the building. These shared spaces include the Harkness Conservatory which allows for extended project work, a multi-purpose room for gross motor activity and a spacious lobby that also serves as a library.

Children's Center Honored for Its Design

Children’s Center Celebrates the Release of Monarch Butterflies

Lion's Eye

Wednesday, October 02, 2013 Preschoolers watch with amazement as their butterflies, bred from egg to adult in a butterfly tank, fly off