Standardized Test Preparation

Studies show that test prep over time yields better results.  
We encourage students to develop a plan for independent test preparation and practice and there are a number of resources available at the Academy.

It is customary for lowers and uppers to take the PSAT.  This preliminary, practice test serves as a tool for students to identify their proficiency in verbal reasoning, writing and math problem solving skills; thus, students can work to improve these skills before taking the official SAT I.  After taking the PSAT, students will receive a personalized PSAT score report and access to College Board's My College QuickStart™

The Academy library maintains a large selection of test prep books by College Board and Princeton Review; these books are located in the "Reserve" section (behind the circulation desk.)  Copies of College Board's Official SAT Study Guide, and other test prep books, are available for purchase in the campus bookstore. 

In January of the upper year, students will receive access to The Academic Approach® SAT & ACT Online Courses. Key features of these courses include ACT English, Math, Reading & Science Lessons; SAT Critical Reading, Vocabulary, Math, & Grammar Lessons; full-length, timed ACT & SAT Tests; and fully-detailed test analysis reports.   

We encourage students to review publications made available by College Board and ACT.  Both organizations offer free practice booklets and full-length practice tests.  Students can download electronic copies of the practice booklets and tests online:  

For more information about the PSAT, SAT I or SAT II subject tests, please visit the College Board website.

For more information about the ACT, please visit the ACT website.