Global Initiatives

“Whether we think of Germany or Ghana, South Dakota or South America, a sapling planted in Bangladesh, or a table taking new root in a Raymond school in our own back yard, Exeter is highlighting and increasing opportunities for global engagement, and attempting to live up to its own promise to impart both knowledge and goodness.”
– Eimer Page, Global Initiatives director

Exeter's Global Initiatives programs place student learning at the core, and seek to make a positive difference in the world. Focusing on four major strands, Global Initiatives afford students opportunities to learn about the world through curricular courses and independent experiential explorations, they provide faculty with professional development opportunities around the globe, and they reach out to schools in the U.S. and abroad with Harkness training. 

Ultimately, these global experiences come back to Exeter, where through student-centered discussion and exploration they spread insight, build connections and encourage active engagement across national borders. 

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