Active engagement and participation is at the heart of the Exeter Music program, for a student who experiences music in the classroom, studies an instrument in the private teaching studio, composes or plays in an ensemble.

Music engages our highest faculties of listening, reasoning, imagining, and feeling. The study of music is a fundamental part of a well-rounded education.

An essential way to explore our common humanity, music simultaneously cultivates self-discovery and a capacity to know others. An experience rich in musical challenge and reward teaches lessons that expand well beyond the classroom, studio, or concert hall.

The department seeks both to instruct students in music and to enrich the life of the school through performance and community engagement, giving voice to a common spirit in times of occasion; a powerful expression of non sibi.

For students of any level of experience or area of musical interest there is an appropriate point of entry to the curriculum.

Our program is realized through three areas of study: performing ensembles, the private lesson studio and the academic classroom.

 In ensembles, students learn the art of collaborative music-making and listening. In the private lesson studio they learn technique, interpretation, and self-expression.

In the classroom, students learn the theoretical, historic, and cultural contexts that awaken interest in and understanding of the musical language.

The fullest educational experience combines study in all three areas to develop musically literate students who will be engaged in music throughout their lives.

Exonians Sing with Grammy Award-Winning Roomful of Teeth

March 28, 2014

"We go into old-growth forests of singing," says Brad Wells, founder and director of Roomful of Teeth, to describe the 8-voice ensemble's music. Those old growths include Tuvan throat singing, yodeling and belting.

Phillips Exeter's Gilbert Concert Series Welcomes 2014 Grammy Award-Winning Octet, Roomful of Teeth

March 20, 2014

The vocal ensemble will lead a two-day residency of workshops and a concert performance.

Exeter Arts this Weekend: Storytelling Through Dance, Vocal and Concerto Competitions

February 27, 2014

Performers and choreographers explore a range of themes.

Democracy of Sound (Exeter) Club Hosts Collaborative Concert

By Michaela Morris '15

January 27, 2014

Students perform experimental, collaborative music throughout Fisher Theater, and turn the distinction between performer and audience on its head.

Video Selections from the Holiday Concert

December 24, 2013

Enjoy the holidays with selections from the annual Holiday Concert.

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