Forrestal-Bowld Music Center

The music program is housed in the Forrestal-Bowld Music Center which was completed in the fall of 1995. The center includes three large rehearsal halls, 11 teaching studios with grand pianos, a library equipped with computer stations and a listening lab, 16 practice rooms with upright pianos, and lockers of all sizes for instrument storage.

When designing the building, the architects were guided by former Principal Kendra O’Donnell’s observation that while Exeter students are talented at individual music-making, the most difficult thing for a 14-17 year-old to learn is the quality of ensemble, the ability to effectively play music together.  

The music center is a warm and welcoming space that enhances the sense of community among musicians. The cozy front lobby and Harkness table in the back atrium serve as gathering places for chance encounters and spontaneous musical conversations for teachers and students alike. 

As Mimi Bravar (former chair of the music department) explained, “the building was designed to expose students to participation in music in a way will affect the rest of their lives.”

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