Academic Support at Exeter


Welcome to Academic Support at Phillips Exeter Academy. Our goal is to aid students who need extra help in one or more of their courses or with their study strategies in general and to assist them in developing the skills and confidence to find success on their own during their Exeter career and beyond.

The Academic Support Center (room 327) is on the third floor of the AC (Phelps Academy Center). The room is available day and evening, including weekends, for quiet study.

First and foremost, get HELP from TEACHERS. For the student who feels in need of extra help, the first resource should always be the teacher of the course. At a residential school, most teachers live on or near campus and are thus available on a regular basis, and building a relationship with the teacher will increase the student's chances of success. The student should understand that a teacher can help most efficiently if the student comes with questions and specific concerns.

The Academic Support Counselor works with individual students in some subjects and in general areas such as study strategies, paper writing, reading load, test preparation, organization and time management. Students who'd like to meet with the Academic Support Counselor can email and indicate their free time to meet, both daytime formats and evening times during peer tutoring. The study strategies and time management handouts provided during conferences are also available on the shelves in the room to anyone interested.


Transition to the Harkness Classroom or TRN, offered fall term only, is an introduction to Exeter for new non-native English speakers. In addition to preparing them for the academic expectations of the school, it also provides a close international circle that helps in their adjustment to what may be a new and different social environment. More information for international students at Exeter...

Study Skills, offered winter term only, is a course for preps and new lowers who found their first trimester in the fall academically overwhelming. The course is taken as the student's winter term elective, counts as one diploma credit, is graded pass/fail, and is not a study hall. It uses the most popular college-level study skills text to help students develop strategies in memory, note taking, test taking, reading and time management. The course, requiring very little work outside of class time, also allows students to lighten their load for one term and thus concentrate on the homework of their other four courses as they complete their academic adjustment to Exeter. Students are recommended for this course by their advisers and the Dean of Academics.

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have to the Academic Support Counselor.