Theater and Dance

Theater and Dance hold center stage within the Exeter curriculum. Each art explores its own disciplines and techniques, while teaching students an array of creative skills that will enhance their lives at the Academy and beyond.

These two performing arts join in our department’s central mission to help our students better know themselves, to thoughtfully explore their imaginations, to experiment creatively, and to effectively express their ideas within the larger community.

Whether in a rehearsal room, on a film set or in a dance studio, the growth of each student occurs in the context of Harkness learning, a group dynamic that is highly collaborative.

Our collective mission remains to inspire students toward greater understanding of their unique potentials through thorough and disciplined research into the creative process.

The Dance Program welcomes all students who are interested in dance. It strives to offer students of all levels and interests the opportunity to study, choreograph, perform and explore various dance forms. Participation in and exposure to the arts is an integral part of education, expanding one’s horizons and encouraging tolerance and understanding.

All theater courses provide one credit toward the studio/performance arts requirement. Dance courses grant physical education credit, but not studio/performance art credit. The dance studio is located in the Davis Center. Major performances are held on the mainstage in Fisher Theater. Informal performances are held in the Davis Dance Studio.

Unless otherwise stipulated, all courses are open to students at all grade levels and require no previous experience.

Theater Major Productions: All students who choose to participate in a major production should plan to enroll in PEC109 or choose the Sports Option for the term in which the production is scheduled.



PEA Breaks Ground for New Center for Theater and Dance

April 27, 2016

Construction of new 63,000-square-foot center starts.

'Into the Woods' Played to Comic Perfection

February 26, 2016

Stephen Sondheim musical showcases talented cast and crew.

Love. Honor. Betrayal. Revenge. Blood Wedding Goes Up on Fisher Theater Main Stage

November 22, 2015

Multidisciplinary collaboration brings to life the dark story of a love triangle and feuding families.

Screening of 'Ellis,' a Film Exploring Immigration and Memory

November 18, 2015

Film by Paris-born artist JR accompanied by creative works and performances by PEA students. Friday, Nov. 20, 7-8 p.m. Free and open to the public.

Exeter Arts and E/A Games this Weekend

May 21, 2015

'Caucasian Chalk Circle,' Super Studio, EAR concert and E/A games.

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