Designing your Course of Study

After indicating their choice of courses, newly accepted students work out a suitable educational program with the Dean of Students Office. Each April, all juniors (preps), lowers, and uppers meet with their advisers to plan their programs of study for the following year. Whatever their class, students take courses as warranted by placement examination results and/or previous training. Newly admitted students may write placement examinations at home. If it seems advisable, a student may be dropped back, or promoted to a more ad­vanced course, during the term.

The Academy makes every effort to meet students' and parents' requests for programs of study, but it reserves the right to place students in courses according to the judgment of the Dean of Students Office in consultation with the Academic Advising Committee or department chairs.

The number of students in any course may be limited; any announced course for which the enroll­ment is deemed insufficient may be withdrawn.