2-Year Students

Two term credits from among art, music, or theater. One term must be in a studio or performance course.

Classical and Modern Languages
Four term credits in the same language, or pass Language 400 or higher.
Note: In Latin, students must earn four term credits or pass either LAT330 or LAT431.

Five term credits in the regular English sequence: English 310/320/330; 410/420.

Three term credits of U.S. history. If U.S. history has been studied in grades 10 or 11 at another school, then three term credits of history, two of which are non-U.S. history, must be taken at Exeter.

Four term credits, or pass a mathematics course numbered 330 or higher.

Physical Education
Four terms. Students may elect to take either two or three terms of athletics in each of the upper and senior years.

One term credit.

Three term credits. Students must elect the science (biological or physical) which they have not studied at a previous secondary school.