Study Abroad Fall Term

Applicants should be certain that their time off campus will not jeopardize the fulfillment of the regular requirements for the diploma. Particular attention must be paid to the requirements in English, Modern and Classical Languages, History, Mathematics, Religion and Science. Students should check with the director of the program of interest to determine if a term credit in physical education or if any additional credits will be granted. Day students who are selected to participate in off-campus programs become boarding students for that term (year) and must pay the boarding tuition for that term (year). Some programs also include a surcharge. The availability of financial aid varies from program to program. Students should ask the director of the particular program or the Director of Global Initiatives for information. The availability of some of these programs is dependent upon sufficient enrollment and the staffing needs of the Academy.

Fall Term Options:
France |  Ghana | Japan Russia |  Stratford, England |  Cape Eleuthera 

Fall Term in France
Students who have completed two years of French may apply for a fall-term program for seniors in Grenoble. The program consists of one course taught by a resident PEA faculty member and other courses taught by French faculty (a survey of French history and art, a theater course, a course in European institutions, and a linguistics course.) Excursions of cultural and historical interest complement the academic program. Students live with families in Grenoble. The 10-week program ends in time to allow students to take the SAT in the United States in December.

Students will receive five term credits, including two language term credits, for completion of the program. An English 400- level elective is required in the spring term in lieu of English 410. A maximum of 12 students may participate. Admission to the program is competitive; financial aid is available.


Fall Term in Ghana

The Ghana Program offers participating students an opportunity to live and study in Ghana from mid-August to mid- November. Students are enrolled at SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College (SOS-HGIC), a co-ed boarding school located in the coastal city of Tema, about 20 miles to the east of Accra, Ghana's capital city. SOS-HGIC offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma program, a rigorous and broad-based two-year pre-university course of study. The curriculum comprises six academic areas: English; experimental sciences; mathematics and computer science; modern languages/classics; individuals and societies; and creative arts. The academic program is augmented with athletics and a community service program. SOS-HGIC is an SAT center, so students are able to take the SATs either in October or November.

The program includes a 10-day mid-term break in October during which time students undertake an organized cultural tour of historic and cultural sites in Ghana. The tour provides students an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the people and culture of the country outside Accra and Tema. The most popular of such sites are located close to the regional capitals of Ghana, such as Kumasi in the Ashanti Region, Tamale in the Northern Region, and Cape Coast in the Central Region.

The program is open to seniors in good standing, who will be able to complete their diploma requirements either before or after the term away. Applicants should be committed to completing their college application process prior to leaving for Ghana. Preference is given to applicants who demonstrate special interest in African affairs and the desire to live and study in an African country for a whole term.

Students will receive five term credits, including one non-Western history credit, for completion of the program. An English 400- level elective is required in the spring term in lieu of English 410.


Fall Term in Japan

Qualified seniors studying Japanese can choose to study in Yokohama, Japan, in the fall of their senior year. Students will live with families and attend the Kumon Kokusai High School, with Japanese students of their own age. They will take an English literature course and a Japanese language course, in addition to a "Kumon Seminar" class, designed to introduce them to important sights in the area and to discuss current events. They will take three or four other courses to fill out their required course load. Students can participate in athletics, in art and music, as well as other special programs offered at the school.

Students will receive five term credits, including two language term credits, for completion of the program. An English 400- level elective is required in the spring term in lieu of English 410. Open to seniors.


Fall Term in Russia

The Department of Modern Languages oversees a selective program of fall term family stays in St. Petersburg, Russia's "northern capital." Exeter students live with host families whose children attend School #636, centrally located on the River Neva two minutes away from St. Petersburg's famous Nevskyi Prospekt. Exeter students enroll for the fall semester at School #636, where they study with Russian students and receive extra tutoring in Russian language with the school's teachers. Courses that are offered include history, literature, language, math, or science.

Students pay the regular tuition to the Academy, and this fee covers the cost of travel to and from Russia as well as the cost of homestays and school tuition. Interested students should contact their Russian teacher as soon as possible in their lower or upper year.

Students will receive five term credits, including two language term credits, for completion of the program. An English 400-level elective is required in the spring term in lieu of English 410. Open to uppers and seniors.


Fall Term in Stratford, England
The Stratford Program, open to seniors, offers participants an opportunity to live and study in Great Britain; to read plays and see them performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company; to travel to important historical sites; to study works by British authors and, often, to visit locations central to those works. Students are housed under the supervision of the director, an Exeter faculty member, in Furzen Hill Farmhouse and Cottages in the village of Cubbington Heath, about 20 minutes from Stratford-Upon-Avon.

The academic program varies from year to year to incorporate the expertise of the director, but in all cases it is rigorous and includes a course in Shakespearean drama taught by a local English professor. Students take four courses, augmented by day trips, longer excursions, and opportunities to see theatrical performances and to meet with members of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The program runs for 11 weeks (roughly from the beginning of September to mid-November). The calendar includes one testing date for the SAT at an English testing site used by all the Stratford participants who wish to take the SAT. Selection of participants occurs in January through February for the following fall.

Students will receive five term credits, including one English term credit, for completion of the program.


Fall Term at the Island School, Cape Eleuthera, Bahamas

Lowers and uppers are eligible to study at the Island School on the shores of Cape Eleuthera, Bahamas for the fall term. This rigorous program focuses on sustainability and experiential and environmental education. The 48 students, who constitute the program's student body each term, come from different schools and live and study on the Island School campus. Students take courses in Land and Environmental Art, Literature of the Sea, Bahamian History, Math, Marine Ecology, and Research. Students also participate in scuba, daily morning exercise, kayaking trips, community service, and island exploration. The Island School does not offer foreign language courses, and applicants are encouraged to speak with their advisers about the potential impact on their course of study. Admission to the program is competitive. Financial aid is available. See the chair of the Island School Committee for more information and visit Applications are available at the Island School website and must be submitted to the PEA Island School chair by mid-February.

Successful completion of the program grants five term credits. Students will earn one term credit in each of Studio Art, English, and physical education, as well as two term credits in the biological sciences. Open to lowers and uppers. Prerequisite: One year of biology.