Foreign Language Summer Programs

Exeter students may participate in the Academy's summer programs abroad. Each study tour combines a linguistic immersion through an academic and cultural program with activities geared especially toward adolescents. In the French, Spanish and Japanese programs, an Exeter instructor will serve as director, accompanying the students in their travel and excursions, and assuring supervision and frequent contact with the students. Programs may be cancelled if there is insufficient interest in a given year. The programs do not earn academic credits, but students may be able to advance a term in their language study at the Academy through recommendation of the program director or a placement test taken upon their return. For dates, itinerary and fees, please write to the specific program or contact the Department of Modern Languages. The summer tours are offered according to staffing availability and the degree of student interest. Check with the head of department to see if the tour will be offered in the coming summer. Financial aid is not available for these programs, and students receiving aid are encouraged to look instead at the term and year abroad language options. 

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The French Summer Program is offered on alternating years and it provides the opportunity to combine a home stay and formal course with sightseeing.  Typically students spend two weeks living with families in smaller towns such as Tours, Montpellier or Aix-en-Provence, Where they receive 40 hours of instruction in grammar and conversation. They also spend a week in Paris with visits to a variety of museums,  plays and markets to learn about local cuisine.  Activities are included in the program fee and include day trips to nearby cities, tours of castles like Versailles and Chenonceau, and a pastry workshop at Le Cordon Bleu. 

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This program is designed for students who are interested in exploring Japanese language and culture and no language background in Japanese is necessary. For two weeks, students live in the greater Tokyo/Yokohama area with a Japanese host family with a son or daughter of the same age, and attend Kumon High school located in Yokohama. Students will attend academic classes as well as language classes, and experience cultural activities, such as judo, kendo, calligraphy, tea ceremony, and flower arranging. The students will also go on field trips to see historical sites such as Kamakura, the former capital of Japan during the Kamakura Period, and Asakusa, site of the famous Senso-ji Buddhist temple, as well as urban districts like Shibuya, the fashion center of Japan, and Akihabara, a major center for technology.

Interested students should contact Summer Program in Japan, Department of Modern Languages.  


Phillips Exeter Academy sponsors a summer language program in Spain, directed and supervised by Exeter faculty members. This program is designed for all level Spanish language students interested in exploring the culture and lifestyles of Spain through a homestay experience. The group spends the first week of the program in Madrid exploring the city's many attractions which include a flamenco show and visits to the Prado and Reina Sofia museums. After the first week, the group then enjoys a relaxing drive north to the beautiful beach town called Santander where students live in Spanish homes and participate fully in everyday family life. It is this rich experience of immersion which contributes most to progress in spoken Spanish. Every weekday, participants attend Spanish language classes taught by native instructors. The rest of each day is devoted to tours and cultural activities, including museums and outdoor adventures. Interested candidates should write to Summer Program in Spain, Department of Modern Languages. 

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Students enrolled in Russian, or students interested in beginning their study of the language, may spend a portion of the summer developing their language skills in St. Petersburg, Russia. Students may choose their period of study, between two and six weeks. Students attend classes at "ProBa Language Center" and live in the heart of St. Petersburg with a host family selected by the language school. The school was established in 1995 and has developed a reputation for a friendly and personal atmosphere, together with high academic standards of Russian teaching. Daily small group language classes are interspersed with individual instruction and excursions to areas of cultural and historical significance, such as the Hermitage Museum and Mariinsky Opera. The school offers additional sight-seeing tours and themed excursions on topics like religion, history and economics. The school also offers a volunteer program for those students who would like to become involved in social service opportunities. Interested students should contact Summer Program in Russia, Department of Modern Languages.