Classical Diploma

         The highest honor comes to students of the Classics at graduation when those scholars who have completed requirements in both Latin and Greek are awarded Classical Diplomas.  This tradition began at Exeter in 1885 and today the Academy is one of the few schools to award such a diploma.  By exploring the language and literature of two ancient languages, students have the opportunity to gain an even deeper understanding of two cultures whose philosophy, art, and history have had such an impact on so many aspects of subsequent cultures.
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The Classical Diploma is awarded to students who successfully complete Greek 131 and Latin 511 or Latin 430. Students must take the last course in the sequence of courses in each language at the Academy in its program offered in Exeter, NH. The standard expectation is that the student take 13 terms of Greek and Latin as counted by Academy courses.

A student who enters the school in grade 10 or later may, if placement precludes reaching Latin 511 or Latin 430, earn a Classical Diploma by successfully completing Greek 131 and Latin 431.

Seniors who wish to earn the Classical Diploma but also to participate in the Washington Intern Program or another off-campus, spring term program may do so by successfully completing Latin 521 and Greek 121; students who wish to participate in off-campus programs in the fall or winter of their Senior year should plan to take Greek as Uppers. Classical Diplomas 2000

Note: Admission to the intensive sequence (Latin 303, Latin 411-431) requires the permission of the department.

Comparable combinations of Latin and Greek courses will be considered by the department.
Please contact the chair of the department, Mrs. Sally Morris, if you have any questions. (603 777 3485)