Grade 12 and Post-Graduate Students

Every year, a number of students who have completed the eleventh grade at another school, as well as high school graduates who have already earned their diploma elsewhere, are admitted to Exeter’s senior class. Approximately 15 percent of seniors are new to Exeter each fall; most of these seniors are post-graduate students.

Usually, post-graduate students want to strengthen their academic record. Alternatively, the post-graduate program is well suited for those students who find themselves graduating from high school at a young age, and who do not wish to enter college at that time. In either situation, we look for students who are achieving A and B grades in a strong academic program and have achieved success in some extracurricular endeavor. Such success enables these students to make a quick transition into our community.

Each one-year senior takes five courses in each of the three terms and engages fully in extracurricular activities. In June, these students receive an Exeter diploma.

With the exception of the types of testing required, the application process for post-graduates is the same for all other grades.