Off-Campus Interviews



We welcome you to visit campus and meet with us; however, we realize that distance and personal circumstances may make a campus visit impossible. If that's the case, we can arrange an off-campus interview for you.

We'll begin coordinating off-campus interviews for Fall 2017 applicants in early October 2016. To begin the off-campus interview scheduling process, you will need to submit your Applicant Information Form (AIF).

  • Indicate your request for an off-campus interview on the AIF.

  • Shortly after your AIF has been successfully submitted, we will email specific interview information to the family email address you provided. If you do not receive off-campus interviewing information within two weeks of submitting your application, please contact our office. It is your responsibility to follow up on your off-campus interview request.

  • The absolute deadline for requesting an off-campus interview is January 15, 2017. We encourage you to submit your request well in advance of the deadline