Path Of Our Graduates

Exeter graduates consistently report that their Exeter education was outstanding preparation for success in whatever came next. It taught them how to work diligently, communicate powerfully, and think critically, but also to be a leader amongst their peers and colleagues. With a student body as diverse as Exeter’s, it comes as no surprise that when taking their next step—be it college, university, an internship, or a gap year—Exonians take many different paths.

If there’s one thing students learn around the Harkness table, though, it’s that the journey of learning and discussing is often more important than the “final answer.” We encourage our community to view the college process as just that, a process rather than a destination. Students graduate Exeter equipped with all the academic and personal tools they need to make the most of what their school and the wider world have to offer.

Our college counselors work tirelessly with Exeter students throughout their eleventh and twelfth grade years. A key factor in our college counseling curriculum is that we ask students to reflect on who they are and who they want to become. This is critical to their transition from adolescence to young adulthood and critical to their college process as well. This comprehensive process often takes graduates far and wide, to places they may not have considered before, as evidenced by this map of where recent graduates have enrolled. Our goal is to prepare students not only for college but for the rest of their lives, and to help them find and pursue the best next step in their own personal journey forward.