How To Support Your Students Through The Application Process

Admissions Process Timeline


We know that while applying to Exeter can be an exciting experience, it can sometimes feel like a lot to take on. This page is dedicated to providing you and your students with the resources and guidance to make the application process feel smooth and manageable.

Along with a timeline to help you keep track of deadlines and plan each step, we have included the following resources:


  • School Report and Teacher Recommendations, which offers advice on writing the most constructive recommendations for your student


  • Tips For Applying, to help you help your students manage the application process


  • Exeter In Your Area, to find an opportunity to speak face-to-face with an Admissions representative and have all your questions answered in person.


  • Parent Network, a network of parents of current students who are available and eager to speak with prospective parents about all things Exeter.

As teachers and counselors, you offer us a unique perspective as we get to know each student and family. We are incredibly grateful for all you do to help both us and your student, and hope that in return we can support you in any way necessary. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns along the way.