What's My Day Like?

Millie, prep

I wanted to do something different so I signed up for Russian. I’ve taken French and Latin in the past.

My sister, who’s a senior at Exeter, told me how great the teacher is. She calls herself "Mama Inna." I love Mama!

The class is like a community of its own, of Russian speakers. Mama loves making us think on our feet.

We started this class with a verb quiz. Then we described conjugations. We talked a lot. We ended with the ball game. Mama rolls the ball to you across the table and challenges you with a category, for example "clothing." You give an answer in Russian, then roll the ball to someone else. It’s really hard to come up with new answers as the game goes on.

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We did individual presentations in this class. It was nice to see my classmates essentially teaching the class. It was my first class presentation at Exeter. It was fun.

Harkness is great for discussing labs. Everyone has different ideas. We talk about them together. Normally if you make a mistake, you think it will have a negative impact. But mistakes in Harkness help everyone.

Ms. Stevens is crazy in the best way. She’s so outgoing. You can’t help but smile and laugh at her jokes. She’s so passionate about teaching.

I really like bio. I figured I wouldn’t. I took it because I wanted to get it out of the way. I’m more of a physics thinker – I’m really math-oriented.

Over time you see a development in Harkness. We had such great discussions toward the end of the first term. Harkness is the main reason  I came to Exeter. I applied to Andover too and got in.

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It’s really nice working with Ms. Hamilton. I’m the only prep in the class. It’s a bit nerve-wracking, but you adjust.

We wrote a meditation at the end of the class. Ms. Hamilton was so helpful. Teachers here don’t edit like other teachers do. You decide what to write. It’s all about forming your own writing style.

What’s really beneficial about this class is that it’s almost at a slower pace. You spend a lot of time thinking before you say something. It’s because of the subject matter. You realize how complicated the readings are. You read them once, then talk about them. On the second day, we all have different perceptions about what it means. You get to the point where you’re asking, "Is this table really a table?"

This class is about religion in the broadest sense. I’ve never considered myself a religious person. I’m interested in the religion courses that are more philosophical, like this one.

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For the most part, I eat at Elm Street Dining Hall. Most of my friends live on the south side of campus. Min-Jae is my sister’s friend. He’s teasing me about being his girlfriend.

I’m eating with Nick, JB and Anika. Nick and I are both hockey players. We go skating together.

We talk about whatever. Life at Exeter. A lot about the adjustment, our dorms and sports. Nick likes to tease me about how my favorite hockey team – the Devils – are losing.

I like eating at the dining hall. It’s like living with your friends. There are always people to help you.

At my old school, I had to wait forever in line to get food. There was no time to eat. Here there’s time to talk about your day, gripe, relax.

There’s a wide selection of food. The food you wouldn’t think would be good – like fish – is really good. My favorite is Exeter bars [a signature Exeter dessert made from lots of chocolate chips].

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In the dorm we relax. My parents were always saying that your room is not a place where you do your work -- it should not be a place of stress. In my dorm room, I’ve got a side for studying and a side for relaxing.

I love the girls in the dorm. They’re always helpful. Some are so intelligent! Whenever I need math help I go to Suzie. One night, I went to her with a math problem. We worked on it for quite awhile. When we finally figured out what was going on, it took 2 minutes to fix it. 

You really get to know people in the dorm, more than in an academic environment. You create a much deeper relationship than you would otherwise.

There are 6 preps in my dorm. I’m the entertainer. I get all my homework done by 9:00 pm, then I go find them. You have so much energy at that time of night. It’s great.

At first I thought I wouldn’t want to go to Exeter. All my sisters went here. I want to be my own person. Turns out it’s really nice to have my sister here. We talk. She’s really helpful. It’s almost like having another mom. But, I’m happy she lives 3 floors below me.

One of the best things about Exeter is being close to your friends. Exeter is a community where everyone is motivated to do well. 

I love the team. It’s like family. We come in and we all talk as we get our shin guards on. We have running partners. You get really close to them over time.

I tried out for varsity field hockey but didn’t make it. I wasn’t ready yet. I’ve gotten in better shape from Coach Goddard’s 3-mile runs. I’ll definitely try out for varsity field hockey again. I need to work on my timed mile. I’ve gone from 7:30 to 6:40 this season.
I love it when Coach Goddard plays with us. It’s really entertaining.

My favorite sport is ice hockey. I got onto the varsity team for winter. Coach Pacific is fantastic. Her main focus is on being solid team-mates to each other. She’s a really good motivator. I think I’m the youngest member of the team.

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I really like my health class. Ms. LaPointe listens and smiles. With Harkness health, it’s comfortable. No one’s afraid to ask questions.

Some of the topics are embarrassing, so you just laugh about it. You say what’s on your mind, but not in a crude way.

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I love math and I love Harkness math. It’s about being self-sufficient. You can’t just regurgitate what’s in the text-book.

I had to get used to doing word problems. You find out what works for you – whether it’s the long way or a shorter way to solve a problem.

We put up math problems on the board and solve them for the class. It’s a no-pressure situation. You learn to present your thoughts in an orderly manner.

When taking a test, it’s just a matter of articulating what you already know. You use the knowledge you gain from other problems you’ve solved, and apply it.

Homework is a challenge every night. I really like that.

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