About Life at Exeter

What's Assembly?

Twice a week everyone gathers in Assembly Hall (which is a beautiful space—make sure to see it on your visit). We meet for the Assembly program, which could be anything from a speech by Representative Patricia Schroeder or journalist Nicholas Kristof, to a presentation by baseball's Bobby Valentine. You’ll hear poets, film producers, activists, economists and scientists, and you’ll bring some of what you’ve heard to discussions around the Harkness table in your next class or maybe your lunch table later that day. More

about Assembly...


What are the rules?

Exeter’s rules are predictable and reasonable, designed to ensure safety and fairness. We expect honesty and promptness in our students, and we offer clear guidelines for behavior. Download the E Book from the Current Students gateway page...


What about food?

It’s good. In fact it’s great. Two dining halls offer an array of dishes (such as homemade veggie pizza, teriyaki beef, grilled chicken) as well vegetarian selections; full salad, sandwich, baked potato, and pasta bars; stir-fry and omelet stations, and ice cream smorgasbords.   See what’s cooking this week.... Vegetarians are invited to monthly meetings with the Academy’s full-time nutritionist to learn about healthy eating, sample new vegetarian recipes, and offer suggestions for improving the vegetarian choices available in the Dining Hall.

Ready for a snack? Head over to the student Grill for a milkshake and a grilled cheese sandwich.


Can I order take-out?

Sure. There are several pizza and Asian food delivery services in the area that are very familiar with the process of delivering to the dorms! More about the town of Exeter...


What's it like being a day student?

One in five students at Exeter is a day student from the surrounding communities. They’re very much part of the life of the Academy: day students are on campus from around 7:30 a.m. to 8, 9 or 10 p.m. depending on their grade level. They may eat all their meals at the Academy.


Are the dorms coed?

No. More about residential life...


Can I play varsity as a ninth grader?

Yes. Skill, not age, is what’s important. There are also many other athletic opportunities: JV, club sports, and outdoor activities (hiking, biking, boating).


What do people do when they're not studying?

They have fun. Really. And we don’t mean conquering the French subjunctive (although that is a viable option: there is a French Club). Exonians play, compete, go shopping, go kayaking, go to the movies; every weekend is different. In addition, you’ll find anywhere from 100 to 120 student organizations actively making it difficult to choose: should you build a house with Habitat for Humanity; compete in a table-tennis tournament; learn to snowboard, fence or scuba dive; debate, dance, or rehearse a play; or hang out with the Muggles in Denial? (It’s not an easy choice, but you’ll get used to it.) Learn what a day is like ...


Will I be homesick?

You could be, at least a little. But in a few weeks you’ll gain your footing. You’ll make a few—maybe 20—wonderful friends, and you’ll start feeling that you fit here, that you belong. And while that may not make you miss home any less, it does make you happy to be here, happy to be enjoying your education.


What if I'm coming from abroad?

Each fall term, Exeter offers a special course for international students known as Transition to the Harkness Classroom. This course will help you adjust to not only the new school but American culture as well. For instance, you’ll get a chance to practice Harkness participation at a table where nobody is a native English speaker. Together, you enjoy each other’s support as you all go through the same cultural adjustments.


What's non sibi?

Not for oneself — it’s the Academy’s motto. It’s also a way of thinking, a way of life. One of our purposes: to link the knowledge and skills we learn with goodness and a sense of greater purpose. More about our history and mission... 

It’s also just one of the many terms that you’ll run into on campus. More

about speaking Exonia...