Coaches Directory

Members of the Exeter Athletics Coaching Staff welcome the opportunity to talk with you. Please feel free to call or e-mail us.

Director of Athletics: Shane LaPointe, 603-777-4112

Assistant Director of Athletic Operations: Marianne Barbin, 603-777-4426

Administrative Assistant: Tracy Coole, 603-777-3421

For questions regarding Physical Education please contact Bill Glennon, 603-777-4462, Chairperson of the Physical Education Department: 


Boys Cross Country: Brandon Newbould

Girls Cross Country: Gwyn Coogan, 603-777-3764

Field Hockey: Liz Hurley, 603-777-4097

Football: Rob Morris, 603-777-3548

Boys Soccer: AJ Cosgrove, 603-777-4301

Girls Soccer: Kevin Bartkovich, 603-777-4103

Girls Volleyball: Bruce Shang, 603-777-3883

Boys Water Polo: Don Mills, 603-777-3758


Boys Basketball:  Jay Tilton, 603-777-3344

Girls Basketball: Ron Kim, 603-777-3403

Boys Hockey: Dana Barbin, 603-777-4312

Girls Hockey: Melissa Pacific, 603-777-4206

Boys Squash: Fred Brussel, 603-777-3513

Girls Squash: Fred Brussel, 603-777-3513

Boys Swimming and Diving: Don Mills, 603-777-3758

Girls Swimming and Diving: Jean Farnum, 603-777-4418

Track: Hilary Coder, 603-777-4461

Wrestling: Dave Hudson, 603-777-4419


Baseball: Tim Mitropoulos, 603-777-4420

Boys Crew: Albert Leger, 603-777-4056

Girls Crew: Sally Morris, 603-777-3814

Cycling: Don Mills, 603-777-3758

Golf: Bob Bailey,  603-944-6601

Boys Lacrosse: Bill Glennon, 603-777-4462

Girls Lacrosse: Christina Breen, 603-777-4080

Softball:  Nancy Thompson, 603-777-3517

Boys Tennis: Fred Brussel, 603-777-3513

Girls Tennis: Jean Farnum, 603-777-4418

Track: Hilary Coder, 603-777-4461

Girls Water Polo: Andrew McTammany, 603-777-4342

Boys Volleyball: Bruce Shang, 603-777-3883