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E Proctors help reduce junk mail at Exeter! 

Environmental Proctors, commonly called E Proctors, play an important role in executing Exeter's campus sustainability efforts.  The E Proctor program began several years ago as a recycling task force, meeting monthly.  The program has since evolved into a group of 60 boarding and day students committed to educating the Exeter community about environmental issues.  While recycling, and now composting, are still an important part of the E Proctor job, the expectations and responsibilities of an E Proctor have expanded to incorporate many other programs.   A student board was created in 2006 to help facilitate new projects and run weekly meetings.  Projects include the The Exeter Exchange, visibility campaigns, the mailroom campaign, and the Green Cup Challenge, among others.

E Proctors meet weekly during Thursday Meetings format.  Contact estevens@exeter.edu to learn more about joining the E Proctor program. 

Interested in becoming an E-Proctor?  Check out the new E-Proctor Handbook for details about job responsibilities and projects.

Dorm Recycling and Tips Card

Environmental Proctor Job Description

Environmental Proctor Board Job Description and Application