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Regional Association Photos


Jack Herney '46, '71 (Hon.), instructor in history and former dean of the faculty, was the speaker at a reception sponsored by the Exeter Association of Washington, D.C. on May 30. Association President Mike Miller '83 organized the event. He is pictured here (A) with Werner Brandes '66 (Hon.); P'84, P'86, instructor in modern languages and director of the Washington Intern Program. (B) Pam Chu '81 and Neil Lawande '94 in Washington, D.C.
(C) Sam Maruca '73 (left), with Judy Hall Howard '73 and her husband, Ted Howard. Alea Mitchell '97 (left) and Erika Johnson '94.


Rick Mahoney '61; '74, '95 (Hon.), P'88, '92 director of financial aid, spoke at a dinner sponsored by the Exeter Association of the Western Reserve in Shaker Heights on May 22. Association President Jean McAndrews Koehler '83 (pictured here with Bill Evarts '54) organized the event. Anne Wise '77 (left), Kathleen Engel '77, Larry Hatch '77 and Rick Taft '63 at the Shaker Heights event.
Duke deConingh '47 (left) and Pete Calfee '69 in Shaker Heights Brad Gellert '72 and Juliet Kostritsky '72 in Shaker Heights.



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