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Sticky situation

The Theater and Dance Department delivered two outstanding performances of "The Short Tree and the Bird That Could Not Sing" over the weekend at the Goel Center.

Moving forward

The Dance Ensemble's fall production is “To Move Forward,” featuring original choreography by Moksha Akil ‘22, Sophia Emy ‘21, Phoebe Ibbotson ‘21, Kira Ferdyn ‘22 and Jocelyn Sides ‘22.

Alexandra Grounds
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Exeter People

"I’m trying to get as raw as possible in the human experience and get beyond the beautiful surface."

Alexandra Grounds '17

Kiesse Nanor playing piano

On the national stage

Hear Kiesse Nanor '22 perform on NPR's "From the Top" beginning the week of Sept. 7.

Exeter student Kiesse Nanor
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Exeter People

“That's the most important thing about Exeter — you make so many friends ... and you form really strong bonds."

Kiesse '22

Why I love teaching at Exeter: Kris Johnson

In the first of a series, Instructor in Music Kris Johnson describes what he appreciates most about Exeter students.