Technology at the Library

Technology Highlights

  • 10 netbooks available for in-library use 
  • Three large-screen TVs available for use in teaching. 
  • Wi-Fi throughout the building 
  • Computers available throughout the library
  • Harkness table in basement with wireless projector and screen installed

Circulating Equipment

Please ask a librarian for information about borrowing the following equipment:

  • Netbook computers with standard software and wireless capability
  • Digital cameras
  • Ethernet cables
  • IPad projection cables
  • Digital videocamera
  • Personal CD player
  • Headphones
  • Graphing calculators
  • Cell Phone/Device charging cables

In-library Facilities

Wi-Fi Access

Wi-Fi is available throughout the entire building.

Desktop Computers

Desktop computers, four of which are Macs, are available in the quiet study carrels in the basement; in the Periodicals Room; behind the old card catalog in Rockefeller Hall; and in the Reference area on the main floor. In addition, the Dr. Elbert Payson Little Computer Lab, gift of the Class of 1945 and located on floor 1M, contains 13 desktop computers. All computers offer basic desktop software and access to the internet.

Three network printers allow the Academy community to print from any of the computers in the library. These Multi-Function Printers, located on the Main Floor, the Little Lab, and on the Ground Floor, are also able to photocopy and scan documents. The MFP printer on the Main Floor allows for color printing and scanning.  In addition, the library has carrels on floor 2M where patrons can connect their laptops for wired internet access.

Other Facilities

The Lawrence Music Area on floor 1M is a gift from Timothy W. Childs ’53. It includes thousands of CDs, a collection supported by the Paul E. Gropp Fund, given by the Class of 1940 and the family of Mr. Gropp. A variety of DVD films are stored both on the main floor, behind the card catalog, and on the east side of floor 1M.

The east side of floor 1M also has a TV/VCR/DVD unit for watching movies in the library.

There is a large-screen television in the Mark D. Kaplanoff ’66 Room (on the ground floor) and two larger televisions in the classrooms on the 4th floor.  All televisions may be used for presentations and instruction with prior arrangement.

The Harkness table in the basement is available for class meetings.  There is a wireless projector and a screen installed in the room that may be used with prior arrangement.

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