Lamont Younger Poets

The Lamont Younger Poets Prize honors poems of exceptional promise written by juniors (ninth-graders) and lowers (10th-graders) at Phillips Exeter Academy. The award is presented in the spring of the year in conjunction with the Lamont Poets Series. The prize commemorates the dedication of English instructor Rex McGuinn to student poetry at Exeter — particularly his encouragement of student poets at the ninth- and tenth-grade levels. In such a spirit, the Lamont Younger Poets Prize seeks to recognize promise as well as achievement in the early years of a student's developing craft.

In conjunction with the reading each year, a chap book is published with the text of the winners' poems. A copy of each year's book is kept in the Library.

The Prize has been awarded annually since 2004. For a list of the winning poets by year, click here.