Moving Day


Bradford F. Herzog Once the new library was completed in 1971, the Academy faced the daunting task of relocating the contents of the Davis Library to the new library. One option was to hire a moving company, but this was discounted as both expensive and labor-intensive for the library staff. The movers would have packed up the books, probably paying attention to their size rather than their order, and then moved the boxes in no particular order to the new library. It would have likely taken days or even weeks to unpack all the books and put them in the correct locations on each of the nine levels of the new library.

A more inventive, and ultimately much more practical solution, was devised. On November 16, 1971, classes were suspended for a day and students, faculty, and staff all helped move the books and populate the new library. At times, the students were delivering books faster than faculty and staff members could shelve them, but chaos was averted by the keen estimating abilities of several instructors in mathematics. Periodicals were moved the following day by the library staff.

Exactly 35 years later, on November 16, 2006, the library celebrated this move with A Celebration of  the Moving of the Books, a festive evening with a speaker, streamers, and a special cake .


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