Current Exhibitions

"In conservation practice merely preserving a building is not enough. The most important aspect in the preservation of heritage buildings is in maintaining their connection with the past, with nature, and with the people living in them." — Puay-Peng Ho, Director of the School of Architecture, Chinese University of Hong Kong

A bright and clear heart, an open door, a house, and the title page of a book—all of these sentiments are encompassed in the translation of the title Open Hearts Open Doors. With this welcome, Elizabeth Gill Lui (P'95) invites you into a photographic journey along the streetscapes and agricultural vistas in rural villages in southeastern China. Photographed between 1995 and 2006 while Lui was a visiting artist at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in the Department of Architecture, these stunning images of vernacular architecture address the importance of preserving the rich history of China's built environment in an era of modernization and transformation.

How can we make way for new histories, while celebrating and honoring the past? The photographs will be accompanied by texts in English and Traditional Mandarin.

The exhibition will also feature excerpts from two of Lui's other projects, Building Diplomacy, on the architecture of American embassies, and photographs depicting the traditional practice of Hula. The films "Looking for America" and "Living Hula" by filmmaker and author Keya Guimara~es ('95), Lui's daughter, will also be on view.

Open Hearts Open Doors is supported in part by the Loewenstein Fund and the Richard Ward Day Fund.