Hidden Treasures 3: Works by 57 Faculty and Staff of Phillips Exeter Academy

Monday, November 5, 2012 - Saturday, December 15, 2012

"Hidden Treasures 3: Works by 57 Faculty and Staff of Phillips Exeter Academy"

From Monday, November 5 through Saturday, December 15, the Lamont Gallery at Phillips Exeter Academy will present Hidden Treasures 3: Works by Phillips Exeter Academy’s Faculty and Staff. This exhibit will feature a variety of artistic works: photographs, paintings, ceramics, drawings, quilting, flower arrangements, collage, woodworking, costume design, architectural models, embroidery, sculpture, clay, stained glass, digital and film works, and jewelry by 57 Academy employees. 

Lamont Gallery Manager Sara B. Zela shares her hopes that by participating in this exhibit, PEA faculty and staff will find inspiration and creativity as artists and for the arts. “Hidden Treasures 3 illuminates, complements and examines the multidimensional talents from many members of the Academy’s faculty and staff. The Lamont Gallery is proud to have the opportunity to share this exhibition with the community. It is a wonderful exhibition that celebrates the artists’ accomplishments and creativity. Our hope with this exhibition is for our visitors [to] discover the hidden talents of colleagues, teachers, staff members and friends. We also hope this exhibit inspires all of our visitors to explore their own creativity, self-expression or discover a greater appreciation for the arts,” she says.

Stacy L. Durand - Powerlines: Exeter to Newburyport, Acrylic, collage, and graphite on panel 2012

Here is a sampling of some of the artists’ statements, and the inspirations and the creative processes of our talented staff and faculty members:

Stacey L. Durand, program coordinator of Summer School says, “My work has been very much influenced by the places I have lived and the communities I have called home. I am a New Hampshire native, but for nearly 10 years I lived in Beverly, MA. While there I spent many days walking around town and exploring this Seacoast community. I started to fall in love with the way the buildings in this area relate to each other; the houses on some streets are packed together tightly, the power lines cross the sky and zigzag over the streets to connect the buildings, the tilted telephone poles lean into the warped houses. During the 10 years I resided in Beverly, I lived in nine different apartments. Each of those homes brought me into a new area where every day I was able to witness the tight communities, and quirkiness of each neighborhood firsthand. It was during this time that I started to become interested in these environments and started to use them as the subject of my work. I have since returned to New Hampshire and have continued to seek out these tightly packed Seacoast neighborhoods.

“Taking photographs and collecting images of my environment is the start of my art-making process as well as the foundation and inspiration of my work. I explore the streets looking for interesting compositions and try to find overly exaggerated examples of the types of buildings and neighborhoods that I find compelling. I then layer and overlap images I have taken to find connections between the buildings that do not exist in the real world. These newly created collaged landscapes become slightly abstracted compositions. Within this process of removing buildings and neighborhoods from their original context and combining them with different environments, I create new connections, relationships and ultimately new communities.

“I continue my process by painting into these collages on wooden panels that are mounted onto wooden frames. I then enhance and alter these collages through many layers of acrylic paint, image transfers and graphite. I continue to wrap the image from the front of my paintings onto the sides of the piece, giving the impression that the landscape extends beyond what is created on the front surface of the painting. By using this technique, I want my paintings to be viewed much more like an object rather than a traditional painting hung on the wall, enabling the viewer to interpret my newly created communities with some familiarity and personal connection to their own community.”

Tom Seidenberg, math instructor, says, “I have always loved photography, and digital photography has renewed and strengthened this love. My eye is attracted to color and pattern.”

Tom D. "Tom" Seidenberg - Green Chile House, Digital photography 2011

Beverly A. Schneider, executive assistant to the director of Institutional Advancement, says a daily ritual of communing with nature brought her to a place of creativity and rejuvenation. “Walking the beach is my favorite year-round activity and a great form of exercise. Very soothing for the soul as well! While sea glass hunting, I also began picking up driftwood to make decorative pieces for myself and others. My trees are created with genuine driftwood from Seabrook Beach, NH. No wood is manipulated (except the tree trunk) and is used as found on the beach, including the sand! Each tree is uniquely one of a kind . . . special orders accepted.”

The exhibit’s artists are:

Donna L. Archambault, Support Services Administrator, Information Technology Services
Marilyn L. Bott, Circulation Coordinator, Academy Library
Dale E. Braile, Instructor, Mathematics Department
Mercedes C. “Mercy” Carbonell, Instructor, English Department
Jennifer L. Caswell, Gallery Attendant, Lamont Gallery
Xitai Chen, Instructor, Mathematics Department
Linda W. Coes, Custodian, Facilities Management
Kathleen D. Curwen, Instructor, Science Department
Micheline A. “Mikki” Deschaine, Executive Assistant, Principal’s Office
Rebecca B. Dunham, Regional Director, Institutional Advancement
Stacey L. Durand, Program Coordinator, Summer School
Diane V. Fandrich, Director, Information Technology Services
Jean Chase Farnum, Instructor, Physical Education
Kelly M. Flynn, Instructor, English Department
Margaret M. “Meg” Foley, Chair, History Department
Karen L. Geary, Dean of Students, Dean of Students Office/Instructor, Math Department
Elena Gosálvez-Blanco, Associate Director, Summer School/Instructor, Modern Languages Department
Laura D. Gowing, History File Coordinator, Institutional Advancement
Kate P. Heidt, Staff Assistant, Dean of Faculty Office

Beverly A. Schneider - Beauty on the Beach, Driftwood 2012

Donna M. Hilton, Physics Technician, Science Department
Darlene Houde, Planned Giving Administrator, Institutional Advancement
Keith M. Humphrey, Grounds Foreman, Facilities Management
John M. Hutchins, Director of Financial Aid, Admissions Office
Akobundu C. “AK” Ikwuakor, Administrative Intern, Multicultural Affairs
Roberta E. “Bobbie” Jameson, Staff Assistant, Dining Services
Kaitlyn N. Jerge, Host, Dining Services
Frances A. “Fran” Johnson, Instructor, Science Department
Petra Laohakul, Intern, Classical Languages Department
Shane LaPointe, Acting Chair (fall term), Health Education
Erica Plouffe Lazure, Instructor, English Department
Jung M. Lee, Adjunct Instructor, Music Department
Joanne G. Lembo, Director, Student Activities
Dolly Jo M. McPherson, Data Retrieval Specialist, Institutional Advancement
Marguerite “Peggy” Moran, Associate Teacher, Harris Family Children’s Center
James P. “Jim” Morris, First Cook, Dining Services                        
Tadaye “Tad” Nishimura
, Assistant, Academy Library
Nicole C. Pellaton, Website Managing Editor, Communications Office
P. Fermín Pérez-Andreu, Instructor, Modern Languages Department

Anne E. Pleatsikas, Facilities Designer/Planner, Facilities Management
Patricia G. “Patti” Ray, Prospect Data Management Specialist, Institutional Advancement
Robert G. “Rob” Richards, Instructor, Theater and Dance Department
Christine Robinson, Instructor, English Department
Jon Sakata, Adjunct Instructor, Music Department
Rosanna M. Salcedo, Associate Dean, Dean of Faculty Office/Instructor, Modern Languages Department
Scott S. Saltman, Instructor, Science Department
Gail G. Scanlon, Academy Librarian, Academy Library
Beverly A. Schneider, Executive Assistant, Institutional Advancement
Margaret C. Schoene, Public Services Assistant, Academy Library
Thomas D. “Tom” Seidenberg, Instructor, Mathematics Department
Thomas W. “Tom” Simpson, Instructor, Religion Department
Lorissa G. Summermatter, Costume Designer/Wardrobe Manager, Theater and Dance Department
Kayoko Tazawa, Instructor, Modern Languages Department
Ryan Thomson, Adjunct Instructor, Music Department
Marilee Tuomanen, Technology Support Specialist, Information Technology Services
D. Cary Wendell, Designer/Technical Director, Fisher Theater/Instructor, Theater and Dance Department
Sally W. Wentworth-True, Facilities Coordinator, Harris Family Children’s Center
Malcolm W. Wesselink, Athletic Manager, Interscholastic Athletics