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A Lifetime of Service: Bob Mundheim '50 Receives the John Phillips Award

During a 2011 visit to Exeter, Mundheim examined the Perry Cup with Principal Tom Hassan. Mundheim had won the cup as a graduating senior for "outstanding qualities of leadership and school spirit."

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Exeter honored Bob Mundheim '50 with the John Phillips Award at a special assembly. Given to alumni who have dedicated their lives to serving others, the award recognizes Mundheim’s career as a lawyer and educator and his unwavering commitment to the highest moral principles.

Mundheim is an internationally respected lawyer who helped resolve some of the 20th century's great challenges including the Iranian hostage crisis and the collapse of Salomon Brothers. He also served as dean of the University of Pennsylvania Law School and taught at Duke, Harvard, UCLA and the Universität Konstanz in Germany. Under Mundheim’s guidance, Penn instituted a requirement for students to perform pro bono work—a first among the top cadre of law schools.

In this video, Mundheim shares how the Harkness method has equipped him to think deeply about difficult questions and be prepared to provide sound, ethical answers.

Currently, Mundheim serves as general counsel with Shearman & Sterling in New York City. He also helps guide several nonprofit organizations, serving as president of Appleseed and the American Academy in Berlin and as a trustee of The New School, the Curtis Institute of Music and the Salzburg Global Seminar.

In private practice, government, academia and the corporate world, Mundheim's career is marked by an allegiance to the highest ethical standards. Often called into service to help solve a problem or guide an organization that has lost its way, his work demonstrates Academy founder John Phillips' ideal of goodness and knowledge united in character and usefulness to mankind.

Watch the broadcast from the award assembly below or at