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Please visit our News & Events page for more information about Phillips Exeter and its upcoming events. Inquiries, including photography requests, should be emailed to

You may also contact the Director of Communications, Robin Giampa, at (603) 777-3450, or the Associate Director of Public Relations, Famebridge Witherspoon, at (603) 777-3343.

Recorded voice line listing upcoming events, dial: (603) 777-4309.

All other inquiries, please contact the Communications Office at: Voice: (603) 777-3450 or Fax: (603) 777-4397. 

                                                  Media Policy

The Academy's media policy has been developed to engender cooperation with the media while ensuring the safety and security of our community. The overall goal of the Academy's media policy is to be responsive to media coverage and projects that directly relate to the educational mission of the Academy.

The Academy does not allow its name, images of its people, buildings or premises to be used for commercial media activity, such as advertising.

The Academy does not release information or pictures of its students or its alumni/ae without permission of the subject or, if a minor, the subject's parents. Photographers of any kind must make arrangements to schedule appointments on campus through the Communications Office. Photos may not be taken of our students, employees, buildings or premises unless the photographer is accompanied by a member of the communications staff or a designee of the Communications Office. 

                          A few FACTS about Phillips Exeter...

Total Enrollment - 1,082 - Boarding students - 80%, Day Students 20%

Harkness Class Size - 12 students

Volumes in Library (Print and Electronic) - 264,727

Total Faculty - 210

Current students from 45 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and 33 foreign countries

Student body is 52% male and 48% female

U.S. Students of Color - 37% (Asian Americans, 19.1%, African American, 9.3%, Hispanic American, 7.5%, Native American .6%)*

* Represents % of students reporting

Interscholastic Sports - 21

Student Clubs and Organizations - 90

New Students Entering 2013 - 352

Average SAT Scores:  Verbal - 695, Math - 711, Writing - 694

Average ACT Scores:  English - 30, Math - 29, Reading - 30, Science - 28, Composite - 29, Writing - 28

Members of the Class of 2013 attend 121 different colleges and universities.

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Facts 2013-2014

September 26, 2013 An overview of Phillips Exeter Academy, including information about Exeter's students, faculty and campus

Facts 2013-2014