Things To Do In the Phelps Academy Center

Post it at the PO

1. CONNECT AT THE CROSSROADS.  Located at the heart of Exeter's campus, the Phelps Academy Center is an ideal spot for impromptu gatherings with friends, faculty and staff.  Who knows what awaits you?  All you need do is enter.

2. POST IT AT THE P.O.  Check your mailbox for a Valentine's rose, send that letter to mom and dad that you've been carrying around in your backpack all week, or say "hi" to the mail delivery guy, who always has a smile for you.

3. MAKE BEAUTIFUL MUSIC. Three Music Practice Rooms grace the ground floor of the Phelps Academy Center, so whether you want to jam garage-style with your friends or try to hit the right "wrong" notes in Mozart's Musical Joke, you'll have plenty of room to tune up and play on. 

Make beautiful music

4. EAT YOUR HEART OUT.  Whether you're craving a cup of cocoa or yearning for a cheeseburger, the Grill has the menu and atmosphere to satisfy.  It's also a great place to puzzle out your Latin declensions, share your latest iTunes download or just mellow with your friends. 

5. CHECK YOUR EMAIL.  Four kiosks, two on the Phelps Academy Center's main floor (near the P.O.) and two in the ground floor common area, make it easy to scan messages on the fly.

6. DON'T TOUCH THAT DIAL.  Get your voice on the sound waves and drop a needle on the record at WPEA, Exeter's hip, student-run radio station, whose on-air and production space is conveniently located on the ground floor of the Phelps Academy Center. 

Get cooking

7. GET COOKING.  OK, maybe you're not a celebrity chef, but you can certainly hone your culinary skills in the ground-floor Community Kitchen. Whether you want to sauté for a few close friends or braise for a bigger bunch, this is the place to pull it all together. Bon appétit.

8. WRITE FOR THE EXONIAN.  Yes, that's right, the nation's oldest preparatory school newspaper has its offices in the Phelps Academy Center.  Laying it out in black and white has never been easier.

9. MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  The Exeter Social Service Organization (ESSO), umbrella for 30 student service clubs, is headquartered on the second floor of the Phelps Academy Center.  ESSO's top-notch student leaders will help you find a club or volunteer activity that allows you to get to know your Seacoast neighbors while giving back to the community you share with them.  Cool.

10. CALL IT A DAY...STUDENT CENTER.  Gone are the days of schlepping books, clothes and other belongings to and from the far reaches of campus.  Exeter day students now have a central home base on the second floor of the Phelps Academy Center, featuring a quiet study, a relaxing, modern lounge, showers and lots and lots of lockers.  Is there really any reason to go home?


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