More Things To Do...

Capture a memory

11. SPEAK UP AND BE HEARD.  Have a proposal you'd like Student Council to consider?  Present it punctually and punctiliously to your student leaders at the StuCo Office on floor two of the Phelps Academy Center.

12. STUDY SMART.  Problem sets proving problematic?  History giving you the hives?  Finding those French verbs frazzling? Step into the Study Skills and Group Tutoring Office, and feel your stress evaporate.  Help is on the way.

13. CAPTURE A MEMORY.  A favorite song?  A senior superlative?  A nickname coined in your dorm?  There's room for all of it in the pages of Exeter's esteemed PEAN yearbook, whose offices are conveniently located on the second floor of the Phelps Academy Center, right next to The Exonian.

Join a club

14. PLAN AN EVENT.  A magician?  A benefit dance?  A Monty Python-athon?  If it's fun you're seeking to plan (or planning to seek), visit the expert team in Student Activities, whose offices are now conveniently located (and consolidated) on the second floor of the Phelps Academy Center. 

15. CONVENT FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE.  Need to quench your thirst quickly?  Eat efficiently?  Stop by the Phelps Academy Center's Convenience Store, next to the Grill, to stock up on your favorite snacks and sundries.

16. PENCIL IT IN.  Scheduling meetings in the Phelps Academy Center is a snap!  Simply email the building manager to reserve one of the Center's many designated meeting rooms, each fully equipped to help you take care of business.

Watch it!

17. WATCH IT!  Need a CNN fix? Can't go on without the Golden Globes? The ground-floor television lounge is the place to gather with friends when nothing but a little channel surfing will do.  Popcorn optional.

18. FROLIC BY THE FIRE.  OK, OK, s'mores might not be the in picture, but relaxation, camaraderie and a wee bit of studying are on your horizon in the Agora, the Phelps Academy Center's gorgeous first-floor lounge/living room.  Featuring a gas fireplace and lots of comfy chairs, this is the place to be on a brisk New Hampshire afternoon or evening (which could mean any time from September to May).

19. ENSURE YOUR PROSE ISN'T PROSAIC.  The Literary Clubs Work Room, located on the Center's second floor, may not come with its own muse, but you'll draw plenty of inspiration from your fellow poets and essayists as you draft and redraft in the magnificent milieu of this special space.  Move over, Byron.

20. UNLEASH YOUR INNER ARTIST.  The spacious Projects/Crafts Work Room is a great place to experiment and express yourself through art.  Could there be a Macramé Club in Exeter's future?


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