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Take in a show

21. GET YOUR GAME ON.  Is your preference for pool or Ping-Pong, air hockey or foosball?  Maybe a little of each?  However you're feeling, there's a table to suit your mood in the ground floor Game Room of the Phelps Academy Center.  Yes, playing at Exeter is allowed.

22. TAKE IN A SHOW.  With its sloping, theatre-style seating, the third-floor Forum is a perfect place to watch a performance with 200 of your closest friends.  You may even think for a minute you're on Broadway.  Hey, you can dream.

23. BE INFORMED.  Wondering about that Saturday night singer, or when the Patriotic Club is meeting this week?  Just take a gander at the closed-circuit television in the Phelps Academy Center's quad-side foyer to learn what's happening on campus and in the Center on any given day.  Your new mantra?... "So many choices, so little time."


24. BE GREEN.  You may not realize it, but the Phelps Academy Center is a sustainable building that was renovated according to strict construction rules.  Demolition materials were carefully tracked and recycled whenever possible and air conditioning and emergency power for the facility are provided by the Phelps Science Center.  Don't you feel good just being here?

25. BLOSSOM.  For well over 200 years, Exeter has welcomed students from all walks of life, with a multitude of talents.  An integral part of the Academy experience for these students has been and will continue to be their extracurricular involvement beyond the classroom.  Whether they are playing the cello, running a meeting or simply sharing stories, their learning is enhanced in collaboration with others.  The Phelps Academy Center, in both design and purpose, celebrates the many synergies and contributions that make Exeter a school, and an experience, like no other.


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