Afro-Latino Exonian Society (ALES)
ALES was formed in the 1970s to foster camaraderie, support, and empowerment among black and Latino students.  Today, the membership of ALES reflects the diversity of students at the Academy.  Students involved in the club may trace their heritage to Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, or New York.  One of the most active clubs on campus, ALES meets weekly to discuss topics of concern to African-American and Latino students, recommends speakers for our Assembly Program, sponsors social gatherings, and other multicultural activities.  While promoting Black and Latino culture around the entire campus, ALES also works together to provide a comfortable, familiar, and welcoming atmosphere for students of color at Exeter.  Membership is open to everyone, regardless of race. Advisers: Mr. Weatherspoon, Dr. Wade and Dr. Atif

Asian Society
The Asian Society is a support group for the diverse group of Asians and Asian Americans at Exeter.  One of the goals of the society is to expose the rest of the Exeter community to Asian cultures by sponsoring activities such as Assembly speakers, dances, and taking an active role in Asian Cultural Weekend.  The club meets weekly for informal discussions and group activities.  All students who are interested are welcome to attend. Adviser: Ms. Yuan

Chinese Student Organization
The Chinese Student Organization welcomes all students interested in the Chinese language and culture. The club is also a support group for Chinese students who are new to Exeter. During the year, it participates in activities such as the Asian Festival, International Day, and trips to Boston's Chinatown, as well as food and T-shirt sales. Adviser: Ms. Yuan

Diversity Council
Diversity Council is made up of representatives from Exeter's various religious, ethnic, and cultural clubs and organizations, the Student Council, and The Exonian. The council forms a link among these organizations, acts as a support group for individual organizations and their activities, serves as a vehicle for cooperative programs and publicity, and works with the faculty and administration to help the community understand, engage with, and celebrate the diversity of the Academy. Adviser: Ms. Salcedo

Eastern European Exonians (EEE)
EEE promotes cultural awareness, keeps in touch with current events, holds discussions on the Eastern European community in the United States, and works to combat negative sentiment toward Eastern Europeans. Activities include e-pals, Foreign Media, and a booth at International Day. Adviser: Ms. Sysevich

French Club
The club meets on a regular basis to speak French and to explore French culture by watching French films and making French cuisine. Advisers: Ms. Fair

Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA)
Gay/Straight Alliance hosts discussions on topics relating to sexual orientation, functions as a support and social group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-gendered, questioning, and friendly (LGBTQF) students in the community, and brings relevant speakers and films to the Academy. The GSA is welcoming of all ideas regarding issues of sexual orientation. The group also regularly provides information about pending legislation as it affects the rights of LGBTQF and collaborates with Seacoast Outright, a local support group for gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans-gendered, questioning, and friendly youth. Advisers: Mr. Langford and Ms. Lembo

German Club
The German Club, "Der Deutsche Verein," meets weekly for dinner and conversation and holds a variety of special activities, including viewing current German films and hosting the annual spring "Bratwurstfest" cookout. All levels of language ability are welcome. Advisers: Mr. Reiter and Mr. Schieber

Hindu Society
The Hindu Society provides an opportunity for Hindu students to learn more about their religion and to educate the community about Hinduism. Regular meetings provide cultural support for students. Trips to the Boston area provide opportunity for members to benefit from the expertise of respected Hindu leaders. A clear goal of the society is to heighten awareness of Hinduism on campus by calling attention to festival and fast days such as Diwali and Shivaratri. Meetings and activities of the Hindu Society are open to all students. Adviser: Reverend Thompson 

International Society
The International Society helps bring together foreign nationals and Americans living abroad with the rest of the student body for cross-cultural exchanges. The goals of the society are to serve as a support group for international students and to let the student body benefit from their diverse cultural backgrounds. It consists of students from over 40 countries, including the United States. The society organizes events such as teas, a dance, and International Day. All are welcome. Advisers: Ms. Lembo and Ms. Trueman

Japan-America Society
For those who are interested in Japanese culture, custom, art, and lifestyle, the Japan-America Society is a great opportunity. Students or faculty members can get to know the real Japan by getting involved in Japanese activities such as cooking Japanese food, Origami paper folding, and trips to Japanese restaurants. Adviser: Ms. Tazawa

Korean Society
Korean Society is open to all Exonians interested in Korean culture and society. The society seeks in particular to serve the needs of Koreans at Exeter, functioning as a social and educational group while promoting the awareness of Korean culture on campus. The society meets every Friday night in the Sinha Conference Room of the Phelps Science Center. Adviser: Reverend Thompson

La Alianza Latina (LAL)
La Alianza's purpose is to spread awareness of Latino culture. Through activities such as cooking nights, salsa dance lessons, movie nights, sponsoring Assembly speakers, and weekly meetings, La Alianza strives to make diversity effective on the Exeter campus. The club also serves to help Latino students integrate more comfortably into the Exeter community, as well as expose students of other ethnic backgrounds to the Latino culture. All students are welcome. Advisers: Ms. Nisbett, Mr. Perdomo, and Ms Salcedo

Middle Eastern Society (MES)
Open to all members of the Exeter community who are interested in the history, culture, and politics of the Middle East, Middle Eastern Society strives to represent the cultures of the Arab world, Iran, Turkey, Israel, and the Kurds. The group works to gain a better understanding of and end negative stereotypes surrounding one of the oldest and most vivid areas of the world. It sponsors weekly discussions, Assembly speakers, a club newsletter, and cultural events such as the annual "Falafel Ball" and International Day. Advisers: Ms. Brownback & Ms. Campbell

Muslim Student Association (MSA)
The Muslim Student Association seeks to serve the special needs of the Muslim community at Exeter. Friday Prayers and Eid Prayers are observed regularly, and arrangements are made for fasting during Ramadan. The society aims to inform the Exeter community about the religion of Islam, and to promote correct understanding of Islamic concepts. Efforts for accomplishing these goals may include bringing Assembly speakers or holding interfaith discussions. The club also has Middle Eastern dinners as frequently as possible and tries to meet Muslims from other schools around New England. Activities sponsored by the MSA are open to people of all beliefs. Adviser: Ms. Campbell, Ms. Safford, and Reverend Thompson

Shakti is Exeter's co-ed Indian dance group. The group performs a fusion of Bollywood, Bhangra, and Bharatanatyam. We perform for Dance Assemblies and cultural events. Adviser: Ms. Duke

Sub-Continent Society
The Sub-Continent Society is a social club devoted to discovering the culture of the subcontinent and to the formation of friendships. The club organizes activities such as pizza parties, Indian dance lessons and performances, International Day, and trips to Indian movies, restaurants, and various cultural events. The club meets once a week and is open to all. Adviser: Reverend Thompson 

Taiwanese American Society
Taiwanese American Society is open to anyone in the Exeter community interested in Taiwanese culture. The club focuses on Taiwan's own cultural identity, separate from China and seeks to understand political issues concerning Taiwan's independence. During the year, the club celebrates cultural festivals and exposes students to Taiwanese cuisine and traditional games. Advisers: Ms. Fontaine 

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