The Exeter Experience

You can be as smart as you really are …

Exeter teaches students to question and to think. Harkness learning – where 12 students sit at a table with a teacher – demands active participation from everyone. It makes learning a group endeavor, where everyone brings questions to the table, and all support each other.

With more than 450 courses and over 200 faculty members, Exeter offers an academic experience that few high schools can equal. 

You can ask all the questions you want …. In fact, you’re expected to ….

Central to Exeter is the spirit of inquiry – and its fundamental role in life. We explore the world through questions and thoughtful dialog.  Exeter students develop confidence in their ability to learn, to communicate ideas, and to work with people from diverse backgrounds.

You are part of a community, with arts, sports, student clubs, and lots more ….

As a residential high school, we know that students need intellectual challenges and community. Exeter seeks a reasonable balance. Students are active in over 100 organizations and play in 66 sports teams.

The diversity of the students encourages everyone to pursue new interests.  Access to excellent facilities for furthering these interests is easy.