Day Student Life

Exeter has a day student population of about 200 students (roughly 20% of the entire student population). These students commute daily, living within a 20-mile radius of campus. They are welcome to take full part in the school activities.

Exeter's day student program helps commuting students feel totally integrated in a residential school setting. It provides social activities and entertainment, a study area, relaxation space and a warm, safe place to be while waiting for parents or carpools at the end of the day. Phelps Academy Center includes a large day student lounge with lockers.

Day students are able to host campus events similar to dorm or club events, and are also provided with "dorm" brunches, pizza parties, dinners, movie nights and other activities one might associate only with residential life. 

Day Student Council Reps work closely with the day student program coordinator to help organize and provide support for activities for day students. Day students also have a team of student listeners who are always available to talk about specific and general problems, both with school as a whole or with issues that might be exclusive to day students.