Teaching Intern Program


An Apprenticeship in Residential School Teaching

Each year the Phillips Exeter Academy Summer School invites a number of outstanding college juniors, seniors and graduate students, who have expressed an interest in teaching as a career, to intern with Summer School faculty and to be immersed in residential school life.

The Summer School welcomes to campus more than 780 students for five weeks of academic study, athletics, and exploration that carry participants far beyond the classrooms and the playing fields.

The UPPER SCHOOL - comprised of students who have completed grades nine, ten, eleven, or twelve - enrolls more than 500 students who come to us from more than 40 states, Puerto Rico, Washington, D.C., and 45 foreign nations. ACCESS EXETER - open to students who have completed grades seven or eight - provides a challenging academic program for approximately 280 students. Together, these students embody a rich diversity of language, culture, religion, and race.

A talented, highly experienced group of nearly 170 men and women comprises the Summer School faculty. Many teach at Exeter during the regular school year; many are instructors at other private and public secondary schools, some are college or university professors, and some are engaged in graduate studies.

Teaching Interns work closely with experienced instructors. In addition to developing close working relationships with faculty mentors, Interns participate in seminars on teaching and residential life. They attend their own class, a seminar on the art of teaching, and gather together for evening programs. The Intern Program is coordinated by a team of faculty members who help Interns explore the complexities of teaching in and beyond the classroom. While experienced instructors teach Summer School courses, Interns have opportunities for co-teaching and, by term's end, for teaching on their own.

Interns live in dormitories under the supervision of veteran faculty members, and share in the responsibility of overseeing the residential program. Dormitory responsibilities include working with a small number of advisees, taking duty nights, and establishing an adult living presence in the residence halls.

As faculty members, Interns involve themselves actively in the many facets of residential school life. The Director of Student Activities assigns Interns chaperoning responsibilities for Polar Bear swimming (early morning treks to the Atlantic Ocean), evening social functions, and off-campus excursions (whale watching, trips to museums, etc.).

Completed applications must be received no later than Friday, January 15, 2016.

Summer School 2016 begins on Sunday, July 3rd, and ends Friday, August 5th, with Interns arriving a few days early for orientation. The Intern stipend for the 2016 session is $3,250 plus room and board.