Meet the Teachers

Victoria Jueds

Contemporary Global Issues & Dorm Head of Moulton House

A.B. Harvard College; J.D. Harvard Law School

Phillips Exeter Summer School: "ACCESS EXETER brings together incredibly talented young students who are just beginning to realize their potential. Summer School provides them with a unique opportunity for intellectual growth. As a teacher, it's deeply gratifying for me to watch them discover their love for learning."

Joys of teaching Harkness: "The Harkness table is a magical place to me. The Harkness method treats students like adults, and when they respond, it's extraordinary. They amaze even themselves. Students shape the discussion, converse as equals with their teacher, and everyone has the chance to express an opinion. In the course that I teach, we read materials that would challenge even college students. We discuss and debate multi-faceted issues. These are only eighth and ninth graders, but they really rise to the challenge."

Summer School benefits: As a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy, Jueds identifies with the student experience. "All the little daily aspects of residential life - having a roommate, keeping a schedule, developing new friendships, learning independence - these are powerful and life changing experiences."

Other hats & interests: During the school year, Jueds is Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Students at Princeton University. Her hobbies include teaching and practicing yoga, singing, and taking care of her dog Felix.