Meet the Teachers

Laura E. Marshall

Advanced Problem-Solving in Trigonometry, Intermediate Precalculus & Algebra Techniques Workshop & Dorm Head of Dutch House

A.B. Mount Holyoke College; M.S. University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Appointed in 2005.

Phillips Exeter Summer School: “There is a lot of fun packed into a short period of time. A general sense of excitement exists as the students are all trying to take advantage of the incredible resources and activities. The students bond quickly as they all get to know each other in the dormitories and their classes. At the end of the summer they are able to call Exeter their home.”

Joys of teaching Harkness: “I have a deep appreciation for the math curriculum at Exeter. It is especially wonderful for the students who don’t have the opportunity to take problem-based classes during the regular school year. The curriculum is designed to allow students to discover ideas on their own and explore concepts at a deeper level. My job is to help students become confident problem solvers. Students feel a sense of accomplishment after spending 20-30 minutes working on one problem together and then understanding how it relates to other concepts from class discussions. Harkness is a collaborative effort, and in math it allows the entire class to work together to solve a problem and discover important concepts.”

Summer School benefits: “After the five week program, students are able to go home with a new network of friends from all around the world, but most importantly they go home with a better sense of how they fit into a global society as well as confidence in their academic pursuits.”

Other hats & interests: Marshall continues her role as dorm head of Dutch House and teaches math courses during Exeter's regular session. She stays busy with her two children and plays ice hockey on a women’s team. She also runs, cycles and enjoys baking and traveling.