The Writers' Workshop at Exeter

The Writers' Workshop at Exeter
June 26 - July 1, 2016 


What is The Writers' Workshop at Phillips Exeter Academy?

The Writers' Workshop provides teachers from all academic disciplines the opportunity to spend a week as writers with other talented writers and teachers from around the country. With a dual objective of providing professional development experience while simultaneously indulging each teacher's creative impulse, the five day workshop gives participants an opportunity to develop their personal narratives using the tools and techniques routinely employed by professional writers and seasoned writing teachers alike. We all have stories to tell, ideas to share, images to reveal, but what is often missing is the time and environment to chronicle and share these stories with other writers. The Writers' Workshop at Phillips Exeter Academy was created to provide that setting. Teachers of writing of different aesthetics, environments, backgrounds, and beliefs will develop, share, and even argue artistic techniques and strategies in an encouraging and respectful environment.

Is The Writers' Workshop intended for experienced writers only?

Open to all skill levels, the conference appeals equally to those new to the craft as well as to individuals currently publishing their work. Participants have the opportunity to write, revise, and workshop their material with others, while instructors lead discussions in ways that encourage participants to think as writers, encouraging plenty of brainstorming, free-writing and journaling.  Participants are expected to bring an enthusiasm for experimenting with voice and form, and a willingness to field-test new approaches and tools for teaching writing in the classroom.

Do I need to bring a manuscript of writing?

Since workshop time will be dedicated to discussing work generated during the week, we do not ask participants to send manuscripts in advance of the workshop. 

What can I expect to get out of the Workshop?

Participants will come away from the conference with a deeper understanding of their own skills as writers, a more refined and professional approach to teaching writing in the classroom, and a portfolio of new writing for continued development