Courses and Materials

 The Exeter Mathematics Institute courses are tailored and designed for the needs of each school district. These sample EMI course descriptions are examples of courses that have been offered in various school districts over the years. In most of these courses, we use the same Exeter Mathematics Problem Sets that are used during the Exeter school year. In the Geometer’s Sketchpad course and in all of the hands-on courses, we use materials that have been specifically developed by Exeter Math Institute instructors. All of these materials are available using the links below.

Exeter Mathematics Problem Sets

Math 1 – Algebra 1
Math 2 – Algebra and Geometry with some Introductory Trigonometry
Math 3 – Geometry, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus topics
Math 4 -  Calculus

Exeter Math Institute Materials

Geometer’s Sketchpad Activities
Hands-On Algebra 1 Activities – Part A
Hands-On Algebra 1 Activities – Part B 
Hands-On Algebra 2 and Above Activities
Hands-On Geometry Activities