South Campus Renewal

Exeter’s South Campus, where the athletic complex is currently located, is undergoing an exciting transformation that will impact generations of Exonians. The eventual home to not only a modern theater and dance center (slated to open in April 2018) but also a new field house (opened January 2018) will create a vibrant, new campus neighborhood. The South Campus will soon be a hub where creativity, artistry, teamwork, and athleticism integrate together, providing unmatched opportunities to explore the connections between mind and body.

Goel Center for Theater and Dance

More than 63,000 square feet dedicated to elevating the arts at Exeter.

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Tennis Center

14 new outdoor courts

+ Elevated viewing plaza =

Competitive advantage

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Watch the Construction

See time-lapse photos of South Campus as it is transformed.

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Play VideoExeter students in the field house.

Exeter Bulletin

In the work zone

Naming Opportunities

See how you can partner with the Academy to transform South Campus.

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This will be a place where students learn with particular intensity to knit together the heart, mind, and body; to unite individual skill and community purpose; and to experience the profound power of human interaction."
Principal Lisa MacFarlane

The new South Campus will benefit nearly every member of the Academy. Students, teachers and staff will learn, play and build community in new ways made possible by state-of-the-art buildings. Green spaces will provide new venues for outdoor events and exhibits, extracurricular activities and personal recreation. The South Campus will host thousands of visitors each year, through theater and dance performances, athletic contests, alumni reunions and other public events.