Exeter Astronomy Education Conference

The Astronomy Education Conference is held every two years. Please check back later this year for information about the 2024 conference.

The Exeter Astronomy Education Conference is a weeklong meeting of secondary school astronomy educators of all levels. Teachers from around the United States gather to connect with peers, generate long-term collaborations between astronomy programs at various schools, and learn about changes to the science of astronomy and astronomy education. Scholarships are available.

Fourteen applicants will be chosen such that individuals from a diverse astronomy education background are involved. This allows us to share our knowledge across experiences.

Topics from past conferences includes:

  • Tips and tricks for successful astronomy education.
  • Goals of astronomy courses: Syllabus construction to accommodate the rapid developments in the science.
  • Meeting the needs of the students and the course: Prerequisites.
  • Textbooks and software: available resources for the educator.
  • Observing Components: Computer use in the field.
  • Merging observational astronomy into classroom discussion.
  • Equipment Selection: Cost versus performance analysis.
  • Equipment use: From binoculars to CCD imagers.
  • External Resources: User groups, associations, planetariums, other schools, etc.
  • Course-long projects in observational astronomy.

Lauren Rosen, conference manager

John Blackwell, director