Exeter Astronomy Education Conference

Conferences will take place June 23-28, 2024
The 2024 conference is filled. The next Exeter Astronomy Education Conference will be in June 2026.

The Exeter Astronomy Education Conference is a weeklong meeting of secondary school astronomy educators of all levels. Teachers from around the United States gather to connect with peers, generate long-term collaborations between astronomy programs at various schools, and learn about changes to the science of astronomy and astronomy education. All attendees participate on a scholarship basis. Your conference tuition, meals, and lodging are covered. Those interested should submit an application. Applicants will be notified of acceptance on a rolling basis and the conference will close when it reaches capacity. 

Twelve applicants will be chosen such that individuals from a diverse astronomy education background are involved. This allows us to share our knowledge across experiences.  

Topics from past conferences includes:

  • Tips and tricks for successful astronomy education.
  • Goals of astronomy courses: Syllabus construction to accommodate the rapid developments in the science.
  • Meeting the needs of the students and the course: Prerequisites.
  • Textbooks and software: available resources for the educator.
  • Observing Components: Computer use in the field.
  • Merging observational astronomy into classroom discussion.
  • Equipment Selection: Cost versus performance analysis.
  • Equipment use: From binoculars to CCD imagers.
  • External Resources: User groups, associations, planetariums, other schools, etc.
  • Course-long projects in observational astronomy.

Lauren Rosen, Conference manager

John Blackwell, Conference director