Construction Schedule

Groundbreaking for the new Academy Library occurred on April 1, 1969, with earthwork occupying the next five months. A major part of the work was to lay a thick concrete slab as a base for the building, because of the poor soil conditions of the site. The pad was the single largest pouring of concrete ever done in one day in New Hampshire, according to James B. Harrington, Jr., the general contractor from the H.P. Cummings Construction Company of Ware, Massachusetts.

The original program schedule developed by the contractor for the library covered almost three full years, from April 1969 through January 1971. In fact, the library was not ready for occupancy until November 1971. Despite the additional time needed, the total cost of the project was only $8,000 over the original project cost of $3,360,575.

Major components of the original construction schedule include:

Concrete foundation and slabs on fill
2.5 months
Reinforced concrete, beams, slabs, & columns 6.5 months
Reinforced steel 6 months
Masonry 7 months
Cut stone 7 months
Metals 5 months
Carpentry and millwork 5 months
Moisture protection 2 separate components, for a total of 7 months
Doors, windows, and frames 8 months
Finish hardware 6 months
Heating and air conditioning 20 months
Plumbing 20 months
Electrical 20.5 months